Personal Info:

Name: L. Jordan Miller

Location: St. Pete, FL (GMT -5:00)

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📧 Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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👩🏻‍💻 Professional Summary:

<aside> 💫 Dynamic and results-oriented professional with a profound commitment to authenticity, an insatiable curiosity for innovation, and exceptional communication skills. With extensive experience in Clojure and Clojurescript Software Engineering, I excel at fostering meaningful connections, driving team success, and navigating complex challenges with a creative and analytical approach. My proactive learning mindset and passion for continuous improvement have propelled organizational growth and enhanced operational efficiency. Eager to leverage my unique perspective, professional expertise and values to contribute to a company’s success, I am dedicated to creating lasting, positive change through collaborative problem-solving and transparent leadership.


⚙️  Skills//Tooling

Platforms: MacM1, Linux(Ubuntu)

Programming Languages: Clojure, ClojureScript, Javascript, Bash, Python, Objective C, Java

Editors: Emacs, IntelliJ (Cursive), Visual Studio Code (VSCode), Pycharm, Xcode

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Proficient in leveraging and integrating LLMs (e.g., GPT-4) for natural language processing, content generation, and data analysis.

Blockchain Technologies: Blockchain, Hyperledgr, SMTs

Libraries and Frameworks: 11ty, React, React Native, reagent, re-frame, Bootstrap, Material UI, Storybook, core.async

Web Development and Live Streaming: WebRTC for real-time communication

Containerization and Cloud Services: Docker, AWS (including Amplify, AppSync, CloudFormation)

Continuous Integration and Version Control: Testflight, CircleCI, GitHub , svn, GitLabCI

Embedded Systems Development: NRF MicroController Boards, Serialtools, JLink, SEGGER